Field Work


Tilling the soil 2020
Ready for seed 2020
Ready for seed 2020
Tilling the soil 2020
Tilling the soil 2020
Tractor and roller
Just finished rolling a new field of sod.
Prep field for seeding
Getting close to ready for seeding
Getting ready for seeding
Turnip green fields
Newly seeded field getting some water
Discing field
Preparing for harrow
Big sprinklers, 85' diameter spray
Just finished planting 3.5 acre sod field
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Sod Fields

Sod field 2020
sod field 2020
Sod field 2020
Panoramic view
Different look at fields
Sod field
2 acre field down next to Humber River
3.5 acre sod field
Field down next to Humber River
Sod cut and rolled
Preparing an order of sod for pickup.
Fox on the run
A visitor to the field
Mature sod field
Large field down on river bank with Marble Mnt. in background
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Excavation Work

Taking out slope 2020
Working on the road 2020
Finishing touches 2020
Finished road 2020
Grubbing job 2020
Rock wall
Armor stone wall next to Humber River
New land
Clearing new fields
Putting in large boundary ditch
Septic tank install
Install with lots of potential for trouble
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Sod Install Jobs